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What Preparation Work Should Be Done Before the Bender Is Operated?

Pay attention to these before using pipe bending manchine such as the  CNC Pipe Bending Machine:

(1) The machine tool must be well grounded, and the wire must not be less than 4mm2 copper cord. It is not allowed to access the power supply voltage exceeding the specified range. The plug-in cannot be plugged in. The control loop cannot be tested with a megohmmeter, otherwise the device may be damaged.

(2) When plugging or unplugging the connector, the wire or cable cannot be pulled to prevent the solder from coming off.

(3) Proximity switches, encoders, etc. cannot be struck by hard objects.

(4) The display unit of the pipe bending machine such as the CNC Tube Bending Machine cannot be struck with a sharp object.

(5) The electrical box must be placed in a ventilated place, and it is forbidden to work in dust and corrosive gases.

(6) Do not install or change the PC input and output terminals.

(7) The motor steering must be reconfirmed when changing the machine power supply.

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