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Instructions of hydraulic pipe bending machine

pipe bending machine

Bending Machine - Hydraulic pipe bending machine Usage:


(1) Refer to the instruction manual of the electric oil pump.

(2) First, screw the working oil cylinder into the internal thread of the square block so that the wheel at the rear end of the cylinder is mounted on the bracket down.

(3) Select the die according to the outer diameter of the bended tube, and put it on the plunger Place the corresponding groove of the two rollers toward the die head, and then insert the 

corresponding size of the panel. In the hole, cover the upper plate, insert the bent pipe into the slot, and then pull the movable part of the quick connector at the end of the high 

pressure oil pipe backwards and put it in the working oil cylinder. At the joint, tighten the drain screw on the electric oil pump to bend the pipe. After the bend is completed, loosen the 

drain screw and the plunger will automatically reset.

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