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Industry and future development trend of tube bending machine

Tube bending machine

Forging, tube bending machine and other equal-volume forming equipment and sheet metal processing equipment developed in parallel, showing a complete range of specifications, rapid increase in the number of emerging products and technologies continue to be applied to the scene. The overall product technology and continuous improvement in the rate of NC, and a large number of exports to meet China's economic development needs.

In terms of pipe processing equipment, due to the rapid increase in pipe usage in China, the market for pipe materials is very large, furniture industry, sports equipment, boiler industry, automobile industry, and exhaust pipe are superior, with rapid growth in specifications, varieties, quantities, etc. Rapidly improve, basically meet the needs of the domestic market.

The tube processing and tube bending machine needed by these daily use products, industry and commerce, etc. can basically meet the needs of the market. Mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, pipe benders, hydraulic pipe benders, metal circular saws, pipe shrinking machines, and other pipe processing equipment in the processing accuracy, reliability, technical indicators, energy saving, emission reduction, pleasant, etc.

There has been noticeable progress in terms of both new product development capabilities and market competitiveness.

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