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How to get the strength of the tube bender

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Today i will give everyone a brief introduction on how to get the strength of tube bender?

1, A more scientific and accurate method: the use of the Pythagorean theorem, in fact, using the Pythagorean theorem can be accurately calculated. The process is also very simple. 

First measure the distance between the ends of the tube, then assume a right-angled triangle, and finally apply the Pythagorean formula, so that it is easy to scientifically calculate the precise bend radius.

2, a more reliable and practical but not very precise method: first use the paper shell rounding and the radius of the curved tube to compare, repeatedly modify the size of the paper shell circle until the radius of the curved tube. The diameter of the paper shell circle is then measured by a measuring ruler and converted into the radius of the curved tube. Generally, the torque is obtained by the shifting mechanism, so that the ordinary motor can be competent unless the special pipe is now simple and cost-effective.

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