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Cold sawing Machine Development in China

The sawing machine such as Double Head Cold Saw Machine can be divided into a cold sawing machine and a hot sawing machine. The cold sawing machine saws the cooled product, and the hot sawing machine cuts the high temperature product. Cold sawing machines are widely used in various rolling mills and hot extrusion workshops. They are often used in the finishing of rolling mills for cutting, cutting and tailing of rolled products.
Since the beginning of the last century, metal cold cutting technology has gradually developed. Due to the high quality and precision of metal cutting, this technology has been gradually applied in large industrial countries. The rapid development of the steel industry has also led to the advancement of the sawing industry. Metal cold-cut circular saw blades have been gradually developed from small diameters to large-diameter saw blades. In China's rapid development of the steel industry since the reform and opening up, the research of domestic metal sawing machines has gradually emerged. Most of the metal sawing machines used in the early days were imported from abroad. With the development of the sawing industry, the cooperation of major domestic steel mills with enterprises and research institutes has greatly improved the metal cold cutting technology in China.

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