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Features of The Cold Saw Machine

The abbreviation of metal cold sawing which comes from the Cold Saw Machine Manufacturer, in the process of metal sawing, the heat generated by the saw blade sawing workpiece is transferred to the sawdust by saw teeth, and the sawed workpiece and the saw blade are kept cool, hence the name cold saw. Cold saws differ from conventional conventional friction saws in that the workpiece rubs against the friction saw, causing the friction saw and the workpiece to be hot during the sawing process. The advantages of cold sawing: high precision of workpiece, no burrs, reducing the processing strength of the next process; the workpiece will not change the material due to the high temperature caused by friction; the fatigue of the operator is low, the sawing efficiency is improved; there is no spark in the sawing process, no Dust, no noise; energy saving and environmental protection.

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