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Application Range and Characteristics of Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Aluminum cutting machine such as Solid Bar Cutting Machine - for cutting range:

Uses: It is used for high-efficiency and precision cutting of aluminum, stainless steel, oil casing, welded pipe, high-pressure boiler pipe, pipeline pipe, light casing, etc. It can meet the occasions of mass production in hardware, petroleum, metallurgy, bearing and other industries. At the same time, it can reduce power consumption and save steel.

Aluminum cutting machine such as Semi Auto Cutting Cold Saw Machine- performance characteristics:

1. Energy saving effect is good. Using the tool to rotate, the pipe does not move, saving the power required to rotate the pipe.

2. High efficiency and low operating cost. The cutting method with simultaneous multi-tool machining has high machining efficiency and low tool consumption.

3. High processing precision and low noise.

4. High reliability, good precision maintenance and easy maintenance.

5. The control system adopts the industrial Ethernet motion control platform, which has high automation degree and strong control function, and fully realizes the production automation of steel pipe cutting processing.

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