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The Composition of Common Chamfering Machines

The composition of common chamfering machines such as China Automatic Chamfering Machine:

Portable chamfering machine: mainly consists of three-phase motor, start switch, shell casting, support baffle, scale bar, humanized handle. It consists of milling cutters and other components. The principle is to chamfer the workpiece by driving the blade on the hob cutter.

China Automatic Chamfering Machine

Portable automatic walking chamfering machine: mainly by mobile walking frame, three-phase motor. Turbine, vortex deceleration device, controller: start switch, emergency stop button, reverse button, magnetothermal protection, shell casting, support wheel Wait.

Desktop chamfering machine: It consists of the machine body, the outer corner chamfering table, the positioning bracket, the inner corner chamfering table, the inner corner turning head, the outer corner turning head, the motor and the transmission mechanism.

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