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Safe Operation Rules for Pipe Bender

Safe operation rules for pipe bender such as CNC Tube Bending Machine:


(1)The electric part should be grounded or connected to zero.

(2)It's strictly forbidden to bend the pipe with the diameter and wall thickness of the machine.

(3)It should be conducted at no load before bending the pipe. The pipe bends, after confirming the condition. No load evaluation is allowed.

(4)Care the part, for your machine is refueled and maintained.

(5)For the clamping mechanism, then the guide support mechanism should be substituted in time based on the management of their elbow. The pipe mould must be selected according to the machining pipe diameter and put in order. 

(6)The pipe bender has to be installed easily and before use, and also the work area ought to be provided with railings. 

(7)Do not apply oil or lubricant between the pipe and the pipe when bending.

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