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When Using A Bender, Be Sure to Pay Attention to Safety!

The CNC Tube Bending Machine has certain dangers when it is used. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds everyone to pay attention to safety. Today, I will share with you the problems that need to be paid attention to when operating the pipe bending machine.

Cnc Tube Bending Machine

When the machine is started, pay attention to the human body not to enter the range of the swivel rotation. When the machine is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space range of the swivel arm and pipe fittings. The hydraulic system of the machine tool adopts YA-N32 ordinary hydraulic oil. Under normal circumstances, it is replaced once a year, and the oil filter must be cleaned at the same time. When adjusting the mold, the adjuster should adjust the button by himself. Do not adjust it on the machine. Another person should operate on the control cabinet. When adjusting the machine or emptying the vehicle, the core rod should be removed. The hydraulic system also needs to pay attention to the pressure during operation.

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