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Do You Know the Knowledge of Pipe Cutting Machine?

Different types of pipe cutting machines such as Double Head Pipe Cutting Machine have different working functions. Together, the working function of the pipe cutting machine such as Automatic Aluminum Cutting Machine is closely linked with the size of the steel pipe to be processed. Mainly there are control console, clamping equipment, steel pipe, guide roller, cantilever, feed control encoder, feed transmission equipment, headstock, main drive equipment and so on. The automatic pipe cutting machine is a pair of equipment. After the steel pipe is cut off by a pipe cutting machine, it is conveyed to the corresponding pipe cutting machine through the idler to cut off the other end, and then the new steel pipe is recycled. There are ventilator, brake, and speed measuring engine. Through the clutch, the power is transmitted to the hollow main shaft. The hollow main shaft drives the knife to rotate around the steel pipe, and the radial infeed cuts the steel pipe. The steel pipe passes through the hollow main shaft, and the main and auxiliary clamps are passed. Hold the device and the rolling clamp clamp.

Automatic Aluminum Cutting Machine

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