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What is the Smoke of The Pipe Bender?

What is the smoke of the pipe bender such as the Air-conditioner Pipe Bending Machine?

(1) If the ambient temperature is too high (more than 40 °C), the air blower is too hot and the heat is difficult to be cooled.

(2) The cage rotor broken strip or the wound rotor coil joint is loose, causing the maintenance network current to be too large and heating. The copper strip rotor can be repaired or replaced, and the rotor should be replaced for the cast aluminum rotor.

(3) The bearing is damaged or worn excessively, so that the stator and the rotor are rubbed against each other. The bearing can be checked for looseness and the stator and rotor are poorly assembled.

(4) The fan inside the bender is damaged, installed or not installed, and should be properly installed. The damaged fan should be repaired or replaced.

(5) The winding wiring is wrong. If the star is connected to a triangle, or the triangle is connected to a star by mistake, running under the rated load will cause the bending machine such the Aircraft Pipe Bending Machine to overheat and should be checked and corrected.

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