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About the single head pipe bending machine

pipe bending machine

The pipe bending machine is divided into single heads, and the single head pipe bender has an automatic power failure memory, and the bend pipe adopts an encoder with an accuracy of ±0.1 degrees. The use of touch screen control plus CNC mold, dialogue mode of operation is simple to set. The bed body is solid and not easily deformed. Each file can be set to 8 bend angles, and the memory can store 1000 files. With a rapid and slow bend function bend accuracy of ± 0.1 °. The processing information is displayed on the screen, and the coordinates of the self-developed coordinate conversion bending tube processing software can be installed on the desktop computer. The material of the elbow is mainly stainless steel, aluminum tube, copper tube, iron tube, and special-shaped material. . From the perspective of equipment, manual pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, CNC pipe bending machine.

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