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Features Of Double Head Bending Machine And Cold Sawing Machine

Performance characteristics of the Double Head Bending Machine:

(1). Using single-chip control, setting operation is simple and easy to understand

(2). Dual-axis synchronous operation, especially suitable for symmetrical tube forming processing, high efficiency

(3). 90° stereo angle forming

(4). equipped with hydraulic cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine

Cold Saw Machine characteristics:

(1). The workpiece has high precision, no burrs, and reduces the processing strength of the next process.

(2). The workpiece does not change the material due to the high temperature caused by friction.

(3). Operators have low fatigue and improve sawing efficiency

(4). There is no spark in the sawing process, no dust, no noise; energy saving and environmental protection.

Double Head Bending Machine

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