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The Pipe Bending Machine Is A Widely Used Machine

The pipe bending machine is a widely used machine. The pipe bending machine such as Semi Automatic Tube Bending Machine is a wide range of machines, ranging from a small part of the refrigerator to a large underground pipe Benders such as Manual Double Head Tube Bending Machine have been innovating, and the new benders offer advanced functionality and many features that help workers run their machines more efficiently. Operators who have mastered new machine control features can take advantage of these features to improve performance. Workpiece mold specification memory: Most of the new CNC pipe benders have one common feature.

Tube Bending Machine

Ability to store workpiece specifications and all related machining information such as mold type, position and bending sequence. Moreover, the CNC function allows operators to store and access the tool library, making it easy to manage tool inventory. Material Thickness Inspection: When using a fine grinding mold, the bender can detect changes in material thickness and perform real-time bending calculations to reduce the number of parts with excessive or insufficient bending angles. 3-D graphic display and bending simulation: As the workpiece is bent, these functions display the part bending process on the controller screen to avoid material scrapping caused by incorrect part forming. The hydraulic pipe bending machine has the following advantages compared to the pendulum hydraulic pipe bending machine:

(1) The shear angle is adjustable. The user of the hydraulic pipe bender can choose a balance between the plate torsion and the shear force and can make a simple adjustment according to the actual situation.

(2) The upper and lower knives are parallel movements, the shearing forces are gathered, and the amount of wear of the blades is relatively small. The piston rod of the cylinder has no sliding friction, and does not present the movement of the ball head to announce the sharp movement.

(3) The gap adjustment is simple, and the gap adjusting device is a three-point lever type structure, and the conditioning is appropriate and labor-saving. The upper and lower blades are rectangular and available on all four sides.

(4) The throat is easy to deepen, and the deep one can be added to about one meter.

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