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Benefits of Swaging

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Benefits of Swaging

Processing cost saving-Parts, in most cases, require no additional mechanical processing, which saves metal and reduces production cost due to the high precision of the surface obtained through the process.


Strength properties of parts-Produced by rotary swaging are significantly higher which allows swaged hollow components to replace traditionally manufactured solid components for a significant reduction of the finished product mass.


Less Material is Used – As the material is hammered, it is displaced longitudinally as opposed to being chipped away wastefully.


Saves on Labor – Highly skilled operators are not essential. Several machines incorporating feeders and material handling systems can be tended by a single operator.


Low-Cost & Flexible Tooling – With SLS Swagers, tooling is extremely flexible, and dies can simply and quickly be changed.


Reduces Inventory Needs – Having the ability to swage to the exact sizes and finishes needed means that fewer components have to be kept on-hand.

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